Weidner Brothers GmbH – Wedding ring manufacture

Weidner wedding ring manufacture is a company with tradition and almost 100 years of experience in the fabrication of wedding and partner rings made of platinum, gold and silver.

The family business is in the fourth-generation combining technology and handcraft. Our wedding ring manufacture, processed on our own premises, stands for design, accuracy and above all, quality. True to our motto “Design it your way!” we offer our customers the possibility to design their wedding rings to their own wishes.

Quality at Weidner means..


The Weidner wedding ring manufacture is not in mass-production. Each ring goes through several procedures and is formed by specialists, step by step. This procedure gives us the opportunity to intervene at any stage of the production process, according to the customer’s wishes. We, thus, offer our customers the possibility of designing their very unique wedding rings themselves. True to our motto “Design it your way!”


Good apprenticeship, long-year experience and the continuous training of our employees is the key to Weidner quality.


Every ring is handled with love and accuracy giving it its distinctive look. Many hands and working processes turn it into a real gem.

...clean, compressed material

As we design the composition of most of the precious metal ourselves, we can control the standard at all times and avoid contamination during the melting-process. After the melting process, the metal plate is rolled several times to achieve the maximal hardness and compression.

...perfection of form

In contrast to the classic method of many goldsmiths, at Weidner, multicoloured rings are not soldered. The metal is processed in one piece and in such a way that no seams are formed. A ring without joints symbolizes infinity… always – the ancient symbol of love.


The sinter technology is used by multicoloured rings. High pressure and heat bind the metals together giving the customer a multi-coloured wedding-ring of impeccable form.


Computer-based software ensures that the final form of every ring fits comfortably. Each ring has a round, soft, comfortable form that can be felt. Close your eyes and feel the difference!

...handmade stone setting

Our experienced gem-setters first create an accurate mount and then set the brilliant with expert hands.


The quality management ensures that gold, and brilliants of the highest clarity only are used in our rings. Furthermore, it is very important to us that the materials used in our products, such as gold and diamonds, come from areas where there is no breach of human rights involved… a matter close to our hearts.

...polished by hand

The all so important final finish of the ring is done by hand. Our polishing specialists give the ring its final lustre.


Every single ring is hallmarked with our seal of quality. It guarantees the correct gold-alloy in every Weidner ring. The hallmark stands for the craftsmanship and quality of Weidner Brothers in Schwabach, Germany.


The end, quality control is responsible for seeing that all essential standards Weidner stands for are adhered to. In this process, each individual ring is checked to see if it meets the customer’s wishes exactly.